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Well, I’m back with another Medium post…missed me? lol

Stonkz Token

A quick overview of what happened with the launch of Stonk nearly a month ago. This to me, has been by far the strongest token we have launched, with an all time high of 500+USD, to a very lengthy lifespan. The changes we made based on community feedback helped to keep the token stable for the most part while people were farming away. That made all of us on the team very happy, and I’m sure that was the same for most of you guys.

With all of the good I saw, I did note something troubling for our Stonkz holders, the ones who had the diamond hands. This is a problem with most if not all farms, is that people were mostly piling into our non-native token pools and just farming the $@(#$@#(@ out of Stonkz, which was great as it allowed for our Dividend Pool to thrive, but that they were staying in them for a VERY long time. This didn’t sit well with me at all, which I brought up with the devs.

So with that, we came up with a solution….Flash Pools, via our newest token launch, Stonk Shares.

Stonk Shares — with Flash Pools and MORE

These are all the features of our new ecosystem within the Game Swap banner:

What is it?

  • This token will be a governance token for GameSwap
  • Used to vote on new farms and pools
  • Used for future project feature voting


  • Limit of 25,000 tokens distributed over 60 days
  • Very low emmission rate of .01 token per block
  • First 5 days of farming rewards will go to native token staking only
  • After 5 days “flash pools” will be introduced
  • One flash pool will be added every two days
  • Each flash pool will only last for seven days to prevent whales from coming in and milking the pools for eternity
  • Stonk Share holders can vote on the next flash pool token via
  • Burn on transfer of 0.5%


This project has been delayed a few times. We apologize for the inconvenience. The dev working on this had to take some time off for personal reasons.

What is it?

  • Token similar to on BSC
  • Reflect + Burn
  • Each transfer of the token will be taxed
  • Reflect: part of the token tax will be automatically redistributed to all token holders. No need to stake!
  • Burn: part of the token tax will be automatically burned
  • You will be able to stake both StonkY AND StonkZ in the Div Pool for them

Stable Growth Token and Beyond

And finally, our amazing Stable Growth Token, which I have talked about in a past Medium post. This token will be a HUGE leap for our Game Swap ecosystem, as it will involve a token that is better than a stable coin…and who doesn’t love a stable coin. lol

Another thing to end on is partnerships, which we plan to forge for this iteration of Stonk, and who better to target, is Beefy Finance. We have been in talks with them to partner up, and are looking to make the final connection to have it officially set it in stone for our community to get involved with, as well as welcome new people into our ecosystem. So once our talks turn in to something more concrete, we will announce it in our TG and on Twitter.

And lastly, we want to thank all the community members who have stuck with us and have been active in our TG. It means the world to us. This article may have glossed over something a bit which I want to end on, which is, having as a tool for the community to actively take part in to carve out the ecosystem THEY want to see, a MASSIVE addition.

So make your voice heard, make your vote count, hold Stonk Shares, to secure your seat on the rocket ship to the moon. :)

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