Game Swap

One of my favorite things to do has come again…writing a Medium post for the community to be up to date with what’s happening and will be coming up for the Game Swap Finance ecosystem. So let’s get right into it.

A Strong Focus

Since going on this journey with you all, we…

Let’s cut to the chase. We don’t post a lot here on Medium as we are very active in our Telegram Group unless it’s big news…and this is.

The Evolution

As we have mentioned before in the past, our team started our DeFi journey over on the Binance Smart Chain, then after…

Boy what a start we have had. lol

Things did not go as planned for us (as with many DeFi sites) off the start, but we are tying up loose ends and are prepping for the launch of our farms and pools which is coming up fast.

Currently our farms…

Game Swap

Come make some money with us! It’s that simple.

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